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i’ll be leaving this blog open as an archive, no need to unfollow!  it’ll just end up on permanent hiatus once i’ve moved everything over to the new one.

sorry.  i know it’s weird.  people only know me as this so i feel awkward asking for another follow, another name to remember, etc.


ME: i’m going to make some brownies in mugs for us (i mean me, because these are righteous cramps)

MR L: whatever you want, baby.

ME: wait, no i’m not. we don’t even have sugar in the pantry. (sadly putting away mugs and forks)

MR L: (grabbing his keys)



i’ll be sloooowly moving my presence over to this new blog:


i’ll reblog from myself periodically, or re-post things you might be familiar with (just so i have them again in the new place).  and, i’ll have to re-follow all three hundred of you.  i hope you’ll do the same for me.  

thanks darlings!

once more for the evening crowd.

i’m such a dillhole.

on my new blog (bossuary, in case you’re seeing me add you) i’m trying to go through and add all the people i already follow here.  but i’d type in a URL, follow, move on to type another URL, then get paranoid and think i’d forgotten to click the follow, use back-page, and click follow again…without realizing that going back means the history of the page doesn’t show that i clicked follow already.

so after like an hour i may have unfollowed a bunch of people seconds after i followed them

i should not be allowed to do things.


making tea. about to go record my Inquisition scene.

Mr L set up a sound-buffer made up of heavy blankets and C-stands in his office/studio. it’s like a professional recording booth…made of ‘comfy’. 

for anyone else looking to make the best possible recording…if you don’t have access to a Production Person who regularly does sound-mixing and owns expensive microphones…take whatever you’re going to use to record yourself and go into your closet.  it’s full of clothes that’ll dampen the echoes, and your end-result will sound a hell of a lot better.