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guess what’s been interesting?

now that i’m paying attention to it in a very real way and less in a oh-that-old-chestnut way… for my own edification, for science (such as it is on Tumblr), i can estimate that the content on my dash on any given day is roughly 80% dude-related. with the remainder being a mix of animals, politics/SJ, food, and lady-related stuff.

this is not a condemnation of anyone or anything.  it’s just an observation, and i know there are plenty of ways to interpret that so let me say this isn’t about anything but how i personally conduct myself as a fan, and as a human being.

i follow the people i follow because i like what they have to offer.  currently, i follow 335 blogs (whoa), and they run the gamut from my various video game and television fandoms to social justice and humor blogs to weird shit i forget i ever liked until it pops up every once in a while. 

AllFember is a personal experiment, which is basically me taking a critical look at what i consume here by doing one simple thing…post, reblog, and write only about female characters. (though the name does not imply this for reasons of me sucking at names i plan to extend the grouping to include trans* and other marginalized characters as i find them). 

so far it’s startling, and it’s only been just over 24 hours.

i don’t feel bad for liking male characters and writing stories about them and reblogging posts relevant to that interest.

what i DO feel bad about is straight-up numbers.  when it comes to characters beloved by fandoms…men have the numbers and women don’t. it’s a simple fact of almost all the media for which there are fan blogs and fans themselves. 

numbers speak when people won’t. they are unbiased and unsympathetic.

i’m gonna keep going.  spend my tumblr time seeking out even more blogs  (oh man) devoted to women and female characters and finding out if it’s even possible to strike a balance just in consumption, if not in representation.

(and, if you have any suggestions for people/blogs to follow, i’ll eagerly take them)


  1. cheesiestart answered: Oh what an excellent idea! …. I have the completely selfish reason of drawing men because theyre more fun for me, ladies in school all day
  2. nerfburger answered: As someone who prefers women in every way [possible, I’ve been trying to say all this in a way that isn’t harping for a while. :)
  3. wardenblues-inactive said: do you take recommendations on blogs to look at? (also this is a great idea and you’re fab jsyk)
  4. teapirate answered: Love this experiment. Long been aware&annoyed of bias in my art but likewise w/ a few reasons. Regardless tho’ this is an inspiring reminder.
  5. fragilespark said: Just knowing you’re doing this makes me more aware of it, I like a lot more than I reblog but sometimes a tiny moment to stop and think means I click a different button and share in a more representative way, and hopefully in my writing too
  6. drparisa answered: i have been inspired by you and started reblogging more ladies. i always have this desire anyway, but you have made me more conscious of it.
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