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i don’t harbor doubts about DA3’s marketing because of Mass Effect.

i harbor doubts about DA3’s marketing because of Dragon Age.

where protagonist characters in the cinematic trailers and game material are always human, always cis/male, and always white.

we do get TONS of great art coming out online and in books that show the other player character possibilities. but when it comes to spending the money to promote the game…the ‘blank slate’ character that gets animated and slapped on all the boxes is an image we’re supposed to accept as default even though it no longer represents the majority of the people playing the game.

i’d kill for a PoC lady inquisitor in the first trailer.


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    …y’know, I’m not the sort of person who generally makes statements that in any way hint at someone deserving to die, but...
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    It would kill them, they’d explode into horrified, gooey chunks of Straight White Dude.
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    And then there was the epic whitewashing that happened with Isabela in so much of the DA2 marketing. Count me as another...
  5. louvette said: "This is the new shit."
  6. afragmentcastadrift said: It’s not unreasonable at all to want this, to request it. But if it doesn’t happen, folks need to continue to express the need for it, because there is a long history of the stoic pale male hero to contend with & change may be slow to come.
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