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okay it’s bed time.

do you guys ever find yourself making the act of constructing a story, scenes, setting, narrative…part of your falling-asleep ritual?

like, just laying there with your eyes closed, setting up the pieces for your brain to hopefully dream out the perfect fiction? set it and forget it (though hopefully not)

i don’t do it a lot, but it IS something i engage in when an idea won’t leave me alone.


  1. apocalisse said: Absolutely, almost every night (unless I’m super-tired, in that case I just drop dead). :)
  2. serindrana said: though it wasn’t intentionally to get my brain to work on it. it was just telling myself stories so I could go to sleep.
  3. theivorytowercrumbles said: That’s how I fall asleep every night it’s hard to sleep.
  4. mesmerizedish said: Yeah I do that literally 100% of my waking hours. It makes it impossible to fall asleep >.<
  5. ursulacousland reblogged this from missl0nelyhearts and added:
    All the time. I’ve “written” several scenes like this. What’s really scary is giving myself dreams about them and...
  6. servantofclio said: Yes. Always. Since I was little.
  7. hips-like-battleships said: all the time!
  8. estic said: p. much every night, yes
  9. milodrums said: always
  10. phdfan said: Yep, it’s one of my key writing-fiction-in-my-head times. :)
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