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autumnyte replied to your post: .

*whispers* Theyd probably revoke my former Lit major cred for this, but I fucking hate Fitzgerald and the Great Gatsby.

man, Fitzgerald is one of those weird cases of being lauded for his portrayal of disillusionment, but to me, between him and hemmingway there’s little to distinguish it from a kind of bland, white manpain… there were so many authors who did it far better (though, maybe because their books were longer than a reader’s digest entry they didn’t qualify…)

but if you’re going for 20th century despair, Yates’ Revolutionary Road blows Gatsby out of the water, imo (and, hey Leo was in that one, too!)


  1. iheartapostates said: Oh god yay, other people that won’t look at me funny when i talk about how much i dislike the great gatsby ;;;
  2. metasexual said: i tend to agree :( honestly, the great gatsby always struck me more as iconic pop culture, and i don’t know, even with just ‘American Novels’ from the same era, along the same theme, The Professor’s House was so much better
  3. hips-like-battleships said: oh man, that movie was devastating. I watched it on a plane, which was a TERRIBLE decision, I was in that cramped space kind of freaking out and SO SAD. I looove The Sun Also Rises though. one of my all time favorites.
  4. choowy said: LOOOL GOD I HATE FITZGERALD the world can know I do not give one iota of shits about upper class white ppl struggles
  5. mesmerizedish said: Whereas I thought Revolutionary Road drowned itself beneath its self-important weight XD The Great Gatsby’s length is its best asset. Plus I lived in the same building as Fitzgerald when I was at school :p
  6. autumnyte said: "Bland, white manpain* is the most apt description of both those author’s I’ve ever read.
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