the s.a.c.

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  1. pussyless said: this isn’t fair omg, you’re so perfect
  2. s00ka said: mygawd you’re so cute! whattheshit. *swoon*
  3. fragilespark said: STAHP.. cutie.. pie… *flail*
  4. nerdbashing said: OMG REALLY CUTE?
  5. hips-like-battleships said: I’m at my parents house for a few days so I’m not currently in the swamp, but it’s 66 DEGREES HERE OMG!!
  6. msdirected said: Are you ready with your boots? BECAUSE WINTER MEANS BOOTS! btw your eyeliner looks fab :D
  7. iheartapostates said: BEAUTY BEAUTY BEAUTY ROCKIN EVERYWHERE <3
  8. eyeofsithis said: MEANWHILE IN BRITAIN
  9. rinjirenee said: Ah yes, there’s a small window of time that Texans turn the AC up to 80, soon our noses will be filled with the smell of heaters being turned on
  10. flutiebear said: that headband is adorbs
  11. missl0nelyhearts posted this