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I feel like I should submit Yavana’s design to eschergirls.

What in blue blazes that corset?  Where in the bloody Wilds is she picking up lace thigh-highs?  Are those bone pauldrons connected to her super-comfy looking neck-brace?  They’ve converted the boob window to a goddamn boob veranda, and made a lovely lower-back keyhole cutout for convenient spine slashing.  



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    Please, yes.
  3. spacemanoftomorrow said: I can’t even get Yavana :(
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  5. foxghost said: the more you level the guys up, the more armour they get, the more you level the girls up, the more cutaways they get. that seems to be the design of hoda outfits in general. D:
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  7. retailavenger85 said: I’m sorry, I got to boob veranda and completely lost it at work. thank you so much for that. I’m dead.
  8. foundcarcosa said: BOOB VERANDA
  9. afragmentcastadrift said: At first I thought that side shot of her staff was a turkey.
  10. rubyvroom said: oh ffs
  11. rinjirenee said: yeah i watched this character’s outfits change over time and i was more and more horrified with each change
  12. subterraneanbunnypig said: Thaaaaat is awful O.O
  13. dandelionofthanatos said: i am trying to figure out how her wtfbustier and her stockings work
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