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ademska replied to your post: “despite her excellent work i never EVER bought sissy spacek as Carrie…”:
i think most people haven’t read the book; they’re comparing moretz’s carrie to spacek’s because the expanse of their rubric for comparison IS spacek’s carrie.

i know i know.  it’s just fucking lame.  there’s nothing edgy or interesting or **gasp** empowering about it whatsoever.  not when you know what it should have been.

ademska replied to your post:

i love this and it will be so fun but i hope you’re not still feeling bullied by that person, because that’s just what they are: a bully.

ah baby, thank you.

i’m feeling bullied by my own continued idiocy.

all we do is internalize everything. what’s so dumb is how SO NOT ABOUT ME this is. and how hurt REAL PEOPLE are by stuff that goes on here.

nomalevember was a poor way to describe something that’s supposed to be good for me to try and achieve…for some perspective.

the last thing i’d ever want to do is hurt anyone the way some people seem intent on doing.

and i should keep this in mind, keep my head down and my ears open, instead of acting on the rawest feeling i have.  which is what got me into trouble in the first place, i guess.

ademska replied to your post: man, i’m a little ashamed to admit that in my…

if i could figure out how to properly mod garrett hawke’s complexion and smooth it out during the first three years i would replay da2 in a heartbeat

he is AWFULLY crusty so early in his life…there are plenty of ways to explain this, i guess, but yeah…it’d fit better with his supposed age at the start of the game if he weren’t so haggard right out’the gait.  or if marian WERE a little more haggard. idk.