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my neighbors have a dog. a big, sweet pit mix.

but you’d never know it because we almost NEVER seen them walk her.  and when i’m in the back yard with my dogs i can tell that they almost NEVER even go out in their yard to check on her. 

she’s just alone, in the heat outside,for most of the day.  but dogs can smell and hear what’s going on around them.  they know what they’re being deprived of.

my dogs will run at the fence and fence-fight with her, growling, barking, tails high.

and she used to bark back, low and threatening.

but now, it’s gotten to the point that she’s so starved for attention that any time i’m in the back yard with henry and lola, throwing the ball and playing with them…i hear her whine.   then the whine becomes this undulating howl. and not ONCE does anyone in her house come out and check on her.  she’s howling and barking, the kind of bark with a squeak on the end of it, and there are kids playing in her front yard, and no one comes to check on her.

it’s breaking my heart.

Por favor, no cruce enfrente del Mabari

When I play a game where I get to name my companion animal…I usually name it after one of my own dogs.  In the case of the Fable series it was totally cute and appropriate to name my border collie Henry or Lola.

(my dudes.  why are they never this clean?)

It’s a different story with a Mabari, though.  Looking at that face I couldn’t bring myself to name a war-dog LOLA.  

Having played through Mark of the Assassin I think it might be alright, now.  Fitting, even.  If I named my Mabari Lola it’s because she’s Orlesian.